Kickstart of the Belgian Association ‘Economy for the Common Good Belgium’

On March 11th 2020, a couple of days before the lockdown in Belgium started, a team of volunteers gathered near Brussels-Central Train Station in a meeting room, gracefully offered to us by co.station.

Some of the participants met before, others were new to all. We had one theme in common : we were eager to start the Belgian Association ‘Economy for the Common Good Belgium’ and to share our ideas and energy to get things done.

We first got to know each other via a check in round during which we explained our ‘relation’ with the ECG. Some people were already Consultant in ECG or had prepared an ECG report, others had recently followed a 4 day training, and some heard about the initiative and just wanted to know more and help out.

During this meeting we decided primarily to create a subgroup of people that would give birth to the Belgian Association. There was already a ‘de facto association’ which already had prepared a lot of work.

As from end of March, a team of 6 participants gathered regularly via online tools like Jitsi and Teams to write the by-laws of the association and we digitally and officially launched the association  on 21/06/2020.

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